As we head into March and the last stretch of Q1, we are continuing to seek out the right partnerships. One of our priorities has been to make the ability to stake your RST and hold masternodes easy for anyone hoping to earn free RST rewards and now we have the opportunity give the Ondori community another masternode hosting option, and even better, the option of a staking pool.

We would like to announce that Ondori RSTR is now listed on!

Now you don’t have to try and stake alone. Sometimes trying to earn stakes by yourself can be very time consuming and not that energy efficient. Depending on how much you hold, you may not receive rewards as often as you’d hope. Our partnership with StakeCube now allows you the opportunity to pool your RST with others so that reward times can be cut short. Working with others to stake can earn you higher rewards than staking by yourself. Regardless if you hold a lot or a small amount of RST, you will still get rewards from the pos-algorithm.

In addition, StakeCube offers an airdrop reward program where you get coins without actually having shares or instruments in the coin they are airdropping. It's a good opportunity for us as a project to be able to have more exposure to others that may not have been interested or known about us before. StakeCube has a large community base with many users using their services. This is a great opportunity for others to try Ondori RSTR for themselves and join our community.

The distribution of generated stake rewards are automatically distributed at 96% to all shares of Ondori RSTR holders, with the remaining breakdown as follows: 1% goes into the StakeCube pot for Airdrops and Lottery and will be returned regularly to all users, 1% goes to the StakeCube team, and 2% of the rewards are used to cover the costs for their affiliates, server, and employees.

StakeCube handles everything, all you have to do is watch your balance grow. With regular updates and no hardware or power costs, your pool runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. StakeCube servers are protected by the latest technology and permanent backups and makes the security of your RST a high priority.

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with StakeCube. As always, we do ask that investors do their own research and establish if this provider is right for you. Investing is always at your own risk and it's recommended that you only invest what you can afford to lose.

If you are interested in learning more about StakeCube and their services, please visit the following links: