Why Us?

First and foremost, this has been something I have tried very hard to avoid. I am not into the games of back and forth shit talking because I actually hate it. Online, I find that running your mouth behind a key board is one of the most cowardly things one can do. People only sit behind a key board and run their mouth because they can get away with not having to deal with the repercussions that come from doing it in real life.

Where I come from, when you run your mouth (in real life) you stand the chance of having your mouth shut for you. Running my mouth is something I only do when it is to be backed up by proof or action. When you run your mouth in an attempt to just bring others down just to raise yourself up, well you're just pathetic and lack self esteem. It just proves that you have no confidence in yourself (or your product) because you have to try and use others to sell your bullshit.

This is classic tactics of what we would label a BULLY, and the internet is quick to make people feel bigger than they really are. I have a zero tolerance for bullying. It's a huge problem in our society, and a lot of it comes from behind a key board. One would hope that we'd only have to worry about trying to educate and handle this issue at the child level, but it's beyond that. It's a huge problem, and I don't see how it gets any better when we have adults in this society with the mentality of children among us.

I went back and forth with the idea of writing this because I felt like by doing so, it would allow myself to stoop down to the same levels as those who currently talk negatively about other projects. I always felt it best to just turn, ignore and walk away after hearing about a bunch of bullshit coming from another. There does come a point though, where you do have to eventually stand up for yourself when you’ve been pushed around enough.

It's the classic scenario of the BULLY. Just like we discussed before about bullies, when you ignore bullying, it just makes them continue to do it because they think your lack of response is due to being scared and/or intimidated. Each time you don't do something, they grow comfortable and stronger with doing it again, and again. When they put someone down, it lifts themselves up. It's not until you actually strike back, do they get shook up and finally leave you alone.

I have worked hard to keep Ondori a professional project. After we went live with our blockchain, we have dealt with those that have elected to make false accusations and drag the Ondori name through the mud. Regardless of what may be said, I always try to keep my mouth shut after these projects, or people, run their mouths. I know there will always be someone out there, so why try and fight it all. Being in a constant battle is wasted energy that I'd like to just put into Ondori and my life in general.

My project, Ondori, was built on a no hype or shill philosophy. Since it's inception back in February (Dix Asset), I have tried my best to just do work with little to no talk. It was my goal to deliver a useable product for Ondori first to establish that our team was here for the community and not just hyped profits. I wanted to allow our community to make the determination on what kind of team they thought we were going forward, and to determine their comfort in investing long term. It was stated since the start that we would not be a quick profit project and we were for long term investment.

We now have a reputation for work and delivery. Some may say that we lack marketing, or the “hype", but that is something that we can easily implement the right way going into this upcoming year. We don't have to drive hype because as we go forward our work or product should help to deliver that itself. I've never been about trying to gain support by any means necessary. Instead I've always wanted to have natural support and a solid investor base.

Those that have been around Ondori long enough will know what kind of project we are. It’s the reason that these investors still support and hold RSTR. These are investors that understand that a project that follows through on what they say while staying committed to its community first, over self profit, is really hard to find these days in crypto.

I've never claimed to be Satoshi or anyone special, but I am someone that has a long term vision for this project and hope to do what I can to move it in the direction necessary for success. By staying committed to my community and having an open mind to what the market need is, it's my goal to mold Ondori into something successful that helps to move cryptocurrency closer to mass adoption.

It was my goal to help rebuild this community that had been scammed by a token creator. I've been scammed and bamboozled myself in a few projects. It's one of the biggest motivators for me with regards to Ondori. I wanted to correct a wrong that people had been dealt, and I wanted to ensure that there was at least one project out there that people didn't have to worry about being scammed with. It's why we deliver first rather than talk about what we plan to do and hype it.

I wanted to give the Dix Asset investors the opportunity for redemption by creating something that was real with the opportunity of future growth. I myself had a small bag of Dix and had been scammed by its creator. I know first hand that feeling of being scammed. This was unfortunately not the first project I had to feel that hurt of being scammed by, nor was it the last. And we'll get into that later in this write up.

I never wanted to just create another token because to me there is no work involved in that. Dix Asset was created in minutes off the NXT blockchain and was used to cause so much financial loss, emotional pain and heartache. Instead, I wanted to offer our own blockchain. Ondori is not a simple copy and paste like many claim. If it was so easy, ask yourself why these token projects create a token to offer their communities that offers the investor nothing while they "build" their project. The answer is simple, it's because it isn't as easy as they want to make you believe. While older forks may be easier, our version is not.

There are many other projects like Phore, Particl, Bulwark, $PAC, and others, that have all started the same way we chose to start Ondori. There was nothing wrong with starting with a base fork with the intent to build off moving forward into the future. We've also made sure to give the credit where it's due, and that's to PIVX.

Our first priority in our project was moving existing investors stuck with a dead token, to something with life. We successfully accomplished that, and in the process we changed many lives. Knowing I've helped better some of the lives of people in countries that don't allow for the opportunities like I have in mine means a lot to me, These were the simple investors that put their hope into something to be left with nothing by those before me.


Recently we've come under attack for our decision to go with BTC pairing. These people try and use it as some type of evidence of a malicious intent by our team, however, our decision to go with the BTC pairing was based on our evaluation of our project. We made a comparison to other similar projects (start ups) and we felt it was fair for us to pair with BTC for what we were delivering when compared to other projects in the market.

We are not just some token created on WAVES or ETH platforms, but an actual fork of a solid proven coin (PIVX). Our market evaluation made us feel right with 1 satoshi. We believed it to be a fair starting value for Ondori, not instant profits. We ran a very quiet swap process and many caught our project after the 1:1 snapshot had been done. Many bought Dix Asset at 2:1, which would have limited the profit of some of the so called "shillers" that might have joined up towards the end of our swap period.

We’ve seen a few projects recently choosing to try and follow what we did with moving from sub-satoshi to satoshi, but their reasoning is in an attempt to use this as a quick profit selling tool to gather more investors. These projects are nothing more than simple tokens with a well laid out story on how they plan to be the next great thing.

It's really not my business what these projects try to do, I honestly do not care, but for some reason there are many in these communities that choose to fire at us with shit talking. These projects are exactly what we did not want to be, a quickly made and heavily hyped project.These types of projects will only benefit the few who came on board at the very start, loading up on bags and only telling their little group that they plan to shill with about it.

These projects get hyped, allowing them to be pumped with profits taken, pumped again with profits taken, and repeated until a number that was agreed on is reached where then it is ok for them all to dump and move on. This was not Ondori, nor is it now. So why pick on us?

As I mentioned above, what these projects choose to do isn't my business, nor do I care to know what they do. It appears that those in these communities, or some on the project teams, just can’t quite leave Ondori be though. They choose to name drop Ondori negatively in conversations, some calling us a shit coin with no future. Last time I checked though, a simple WAVES or ETH based token was actually something of no real value and the biggest sign of a shit coin if there ever was one.

Now I’m going to try my best to not knock the “CEOs” or “PMs” of these projects. I know that there are those out there that are no different than me and just want a chance to turn their idea into something real, but we do still have those ones that really could care less and are just here to make what they can regardless of who gets hurt in the process. It’s unfortunate how these projects, or those in their communities, are choosing to go about building their name. Rather then take their time and build something properly, they choose to slander other projects in hopes to FUD or work with shilling groups with "OTC" deals with the hopes of big, fast profit. I'm sorry, but this isn't the way to build a legit project.

People have tried to compare our project to these others, but I will tell you right now that Ondori is different because I have not worked with any type of shill groups, I have never offered any “OTC” deals for our coins in exchange for anything, I have never manipulated our orders, and I sure as hell didn’t seek anyone out to help push our project unnaturally.

Ondori may have had some individuals that some could find questionable, but they found and invested in Ondori late. This happens and we have no control over that, but you can see that we didn't utilize them as a tool to push our value up. Instead, we actually slowed down and allowed those who were in it for quick profit grow too impatient and leave to find quick profit elsewhere. After the slight goof up by DragonEx with our listing, in October, I saw our market movement and believed it to be a good opportunity to move out the short term holders and shillers by shutting down development news. In addition, the recent market action was also an indicator that these investors would try and make money wherever they could.

Currently our volume may be down, but at least I can say that our project is in no way connected to anything malicious or any other projects. We are, again, a long term project looking to do something to help further cryptocurrency. Fast and big self profit is not our priority. That's why you do not see a "hype" post by us in hopes of stirring market activity. We are dealing with some hard times in crypto, so being one of the projects not dealing with massive sell off or manipulation in my opinion is a win.

Some have tried to say, that we've “dumped” or I have “exited”. Well the last time I checked, I'm still here holding RSTR and working. I'm currently sitting here devoting my time that could be used for other important things in my life, instead of writing and addressing the dummies. While we may have had some sell off by some early Dix investors, it's a part of the redistribution process. I can tell you that our biggest wallets are still holding though.

Here's couple of examples below of being asked about "OTC" which were quickly denied.

I really don't understand why it is so hard for people and projects to not bash on other. I don't do it and don't allow my community to do it either. I always try to keep it respectful regarding ANY project, because my hope is that we could all co-exist together and just help in the efforts of getting cryptocurrency out to everyone, under the common goal of mass adoption.

This claim that Ondori is a scam and associated with other projects that may or may not be conflicting with one another is just false. We are not involved or work with PCN, PXN, VESTX, REPME, KUBO, any shillers, etc. One particular project, however, does not seem to understand that we are not tied to these others.


This leads me to discuss a project that seems to be targeting Ondori the most. You have your shit talkers, but then you have your BULLY. For some reason, it has become the DAPS mission to bully us whenever a moment seems to present itself. I've grown tired of it and now it's that time to start school and lay down some education for everyone.

Going back, some time ago, someone put together their own shirt to support their investments of DAPS and RSTR as seen below.

Even though we had nothing to do with this situation, and this was one individual outside of our control who was choosing to support their investments in their own way, we were called out as being "questionable" by DAPS.

This is what we got from DAPS below.

So did anyone at DAPS think that maybe we didn't like the idea of our project sitting along side one that had recently dumped on their community? The only questionable project I personally saw on that shirt was DAPS. I didn't take to Twitter and throw a fit though. This was just a shirt, a shirt showing that both coins were in some way connected with PIVX. It was made very public that DAPS was looking to fork PIVX, so why the big deal?

After that, it didn't quit. Below you can see that we continued to be accused of things that we are not by Adel and Breck from DAPS.

Now, I hope that I have established who started all this first. We didn't go looking for a fight, but sat here just minding our own business.

DAPS is the only project I’ve personally met that I would classify as a BULLY. They put other projects down to raise themselves up. They don’t play nice with others, unless you play their way. They act as though they are better than any project out there, yet they clearly have not proven themselves as such.

DAPS has been nothing more than vaporware that is now a token.

What is vaporware?

So until they have delivered their final product and become the greatest privacy coin to ever be, they really should just sit down and shut up. I know I'm sick of it, and there are many others just sick of it too. They made all the same claims prior to their dump, never having started development on anything DAPS related, just to pull the rug out from all the investors they sold on the propaganda. To have such a clouded past, yet feel so comfortable running your mouth accusing others is just straight demented.

Being just a simple token that's driven on hype, DAPS still struggles with simple delivery. They have yet to still complete their full air drop to all those that rightfully deserve it in their community. In addition, they’ve actually even blacklisted legitimate claims, calling them out as being false or malicious in nature. When questioned by these holders, they simply block them from the project so that they don't have the ability to ask about it.

When you centralize things to the point that you now decide who gets to be in your project after you publicly advertised that anyone who bought PCN would be, well you have just scammed them because you told them one thing and are now doing another. You can call it whatever you'd like to in order to help you sleep at night, but that's what it is.

DAPS claims to be decentralized. Hell, thats what the "D" stands for in DAPS. Between Adel and Breck, this project is one of most centralized projects I’ve ever seen. They sensor people, block them if they speak out or question anything, make individuals provide personal information to be a part of the project, makes accusations about competitors in an effort to make themselves look better, and accuse those around them with false pretenses in an attempt to try to redirect negativity from themselves.

DAPS even tried to make the claim that going forward, people will photoshop conversations in order to lie and make them look bad. I think that this was announced because there has been enough captured during the interactions by Adel and Breck (within their community) to make them worried enough to come out with such a stupid claim. See, if it's one thing that these two do well, and can be counted on, that's that they open their mouth and stick their foot in it. Both are so ego driven that they get very ugly and unprofessional.

I can tell you that I sure as hell don't have the time to photoshop any of the evidence I have, nor would I waste the time I have on DAPS to do that. I believe that their actions are doing enough damage on their own. It will only be a matter of time before everything catches up to them. I'm only here because of the constant bullying by this project.

It’s pretty sad when the loyalties of your community are only their because your investors really just want to try and make back the money that was taken from them. So rather than share what they know about DAPS, they keep what they know to themselves so they have a chance to make back something in their investment. It's also sad that because of this, new investors have no clue about what DAPS has done, and actually help a project that was built upon the theft of others possibly become something real.

It's been said that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. If you don't know what that means, it means that you really shouldn't criticize others for bad qualities or accusations about their character that you feel they have when you carry them yourself.

Adel, has called Ondori a clonecoin, a scam, part of a group of projects that pump and dump, who knows what else. She has even gone as far as to say that it should be her duty to start calling everyone out and that the crypto world should speak up more about these scam projects.

If you get a chance to look at this tweet, the comments are very interesting. Anyone that responds with DAPS as a scam, in that tweet, is a nobody or just a troll per Adel. I guess that's the social media mentality you have after a certain amount of followers. I guess it makes you begin to think you're someone worth a damn, yet nobody in the outside world knows who the hell you are or even cares.

One thing Adel states about DAPS (when PCN) is there was "manipulation all day".

It was the constant pump and dump paired with shilling that actually helped PCN/DAPS move up in volume and price to reach its all time high. I need you to remember this fact, because one thing she fails to mention is how her side kick Breck was one of the biggest pieces to the manipulating of the trading and utilizing the assistance of the "shill" by those she now has this vendetta with.

It was these shillers who provided the hype and momentum, and it was Breck that drove PCN/DAPS prices up and down with his holdings. In the end, it was all of them working together that allowed for Breck (and most likely Adel) to cash out pre-dump.

Let it also be noted that during all this time of shilling and manipulation, not a single piece of DAPS development was being done. The way that they blinded their community from this was by making the idea of the huge PCN staking something that over shadowed the fact that the team did not have any developers to work on DAPS. Basically people were happy making huge stakes for as long as they could before any DAPS swap. The "development" was pushed back, and then pushed back. It was a very classic tactic and the only thing that did receive any technical work was the old PCN wallets.

Establishing my Credibility

I wouldn’t just talk a bunch of shit without being able to back up my claims. The reason I know the things that I do is because I used to be a part of the DAPS team.

DAPS was one of the handful of projects that I elected to help with while I was working on my own. I never got fully involved with the daily activities within the community because I made it known that I had my own project. I was still willing to be labeled as mod though, and my handle was Driven👿. Mainly my role was giving my advice to Breck on anything that I was asked about or saw that could be advised on, and really just being someone supportive that he could turn to.

My days with DAPS started back in February when the project first began. I actually helped to build the DAPS brand by creating the original DAPS “digital d” logo. Although it's been updated, the concept is actually mine.

We started as a small group that wanted to create something special with the swap from PCN. I was part of the communication with the other early members about the everything that initially made up the DAPS idea you see today, who unfortunately are no longer there. My time with the DAPS team ran from February until as recently as the beginning of October.

To establish my credibility you can see the screenshots below.

Dispelling the "Surprise" Lie

Many of our older Ondori members will remember that at one point, Breck could be found in our Discord group. The reason why he was there was because he knew that I was working on Dix/Ondori while I was helping him with DAPS.  A lot of the reason why many DAPS members even came our way was because they saw him in our discord. I never shilled my project to any of the projects I was helping with at the time, especially not DAPS. I remained very professional by trying not to build Ondori off the other projects I was helping. Many try and do that, but I chose not to because I wanted my project to be built without the effects of being associated with others. I wanted it to stand on its own.

I kept both my project and those I helped completely separate. Not one time did I name drop DIX or Ondori publicly. I always went under different profiles (Kratos and Driven👿) to separate my project from those I helped. If anything, I used to delete any posts I'd see from anyone sharing my project in these other projects to prevent any crossing over effects.

Early on DAPS even followed DIX and Ondori on Twitter. DAPS no longer follows Ondori, but they do still follow Dix Asset as you can see below.

I'd like to actually validate my claim that Breck knew that I was working on my own project by showing you the screen shot below. You can see that on March 21st, he was told about Dix Asset.

To validate that Breck knew about Ondori, I've provided the screenshot below that shows that on June 4th, I shared with him the early version of the Ondori website and the Ondori white paper to get his opinion of them. It was also to see if I would pick up on any conflict that would cause any issues in our relationship, but there was none.

So while there may be this act of surprise about Ondori, it was never a secret to Breck that it existed and was being worked on by me. It's sad for me to see him putting on this act for the DAPS community when he's known about the project for so long. It's worse to see him talk the shit that he has about Ondori, even going as far as to attack us in other channels like the BleuTrade Telegram, when there has been no reason to.

It just helps to strengthen just how far he's willing to go with deception and lies in order to bring down anyone around him.

My DAPS Experience

There have been many claims made against Ondori by DAPS. We've been called a scam, clone coin, etc. Yet we have never done anything to deserve the accusations that we have been given. If anything, I'd like to shed light on my experience with the accuser.

During the beginnings of PCN/DAPS, there was a power struggle. I helped Breck acquire the Project Coordinator position from the original team that was there before. I saw some bad signs in Breck, yes, but I wanted to see a separation between projects. PCN was too close to another project at the time (SHND), so I was ok with the idea of the separation of the two.

I worked alongside Breck from the beginning and quickly got to know who he was and what he was about. It did not take long for me to see his arrogance along with his short temper, which made him to be a very ugly person.

You can see below just how ugly he can get with others.

Maybe the screenshot doesn't say much to you, but it's a small snapshot into the ugly that makes up Breck. His comments to Brazilian above, insulting him and telling him he's a nobody, that "your are nothing" is just so wrong on many levels. How do you talk to another person like that?

I also got to see the racist side of him as well. It made sense since it really goes with his personality of being superior to everyone. Below you can see how easily he uses the word "Nigger".

Who uses that word? And throws it around like it's nothing? I guess that would be the white guy from the backwoods of Spokane, Washington who grew up feeling like the color of his skin made him privileged and above anyone else. Maybe that's my assumption, but I don't like racists, and I'm sure many of you out there don't take kindly to this word either.

This demeanor is something you can easily sense from him once you get to know him and see his cocky and arrogant attitude. I am not white, so it was not easy for me to sit and ignore that from him, or always play the naive one to his "expert" attitude, but I did.

I got to see Breck be so distraught over a situation about the DAPS website launch, with the team that was there before, that he decided that he was pulling out and going to leave the project. This should have been a huge indicator for me on how well he works in teams. He doesn't. Unless it's being done his way, there's no way.

I never knew how much he had in buy and sell orders at CoinExchange that was being used to manipulate the market until he showed me. I was unprepared, but I got to see first hand (in realtime) how much market manipulation power this guy had. It was insane.

You can see his frustration over the website (below) in his copy and paste of the convo he had with Adel that he provided to me. I tell him to shake it off, but Breck was so lit and angry.

You can see that he says, "Im cashing my 40k out and going home."

At this point, I've not realized what Breck is asking me to do. He's telling me to "remove the peeps" or dump what PCN I have because he's out. I literally am clueless because I've never met anyone willing to do that to a project. He tells me that he is pulling his 541m PCN, and I'm just sitting there like wow.

So I do as he asks, because I'm not about to lose my investments because of this guy. And I'm sure not going to make him my enemy either.

I sit in disbelief by how much the orders just dump after Breck pulls all his out. He tells me how he has had $20k on each side of the order books, and brags about how much he shilled BitBean to make him tons of money, and that he was planning to do the same to PCN/DAPS but now he's "lost interest".

Breck goes on to try and tell me that he's done nothing wrong all his life, but steal a whoopee cushion. It's funny to see his justifications on all of it. His perception of what's right and wrong is very off. Saying he's never stole, yet a lot of our time talking was him gloating about how much money he shilled projects up too, only to cash out before they dumped. And then doing what he had just done, yet not seeing the wrong in it.

Now think about this. It didn't matter who had invested or who was going to get hurt with what he was doing. The only thing that mattered to him was that things weren't going to be the way that he wanted them to be, so it didn't matter who got hurt with his decision to say fuck it, he's out. All that mattered was himself.

Him creating a dump was completely wrong to all those who invested into PCN at the time, and it potentially could have hurt many people had it not recovered by him putting his orders back. In addition, him telling me and a few others to pull our orders before the market crashed, is an indicator of how premeditated he is when it comes to thinking about his pocket and the pockets of those close to him at the time.

As we all know, this situation would not be the last time we would see a similar scenario. PCN crash anyone?

Now by this point (below) it's the next day and I'm out of PCN, but he's changed his mind. So now I'm trying to get back in. I'm explaining that I am hoping to get back in where I was prior to selling, but that the buy in is now too high after following him.

Breck explains that he FOMO'd the price back up, but was waiting to strike again because he realized someone else can't get back in after he told them to dump as well, and after they did, he moved the price up shutting him out.

He even admits that his actions were due to his anger.

Now keep in mind, that during our conversations neither of us spill everything. He doesn't tell me ALL that he is up to in regards to playing and manipulating the orders, only more so when he's boasting. And me, I try my best to play like all is good.

I'm mainly watching and reacting to a lot of the new things I'm seeing about him. I do step in and say some things if he does start to get a bit much from time to time, but most of my moments are pretty much in shock with what he's able to pull with the PCN project. So, I try my best to feed his ego so that he tells me more so that I know what I'm ultimately invested in and dealing with.

You can see below that the pulling out of his orders resulted in a dump. He then changed his mind, putting his orders back in and helped with the correction, like he admitted (below 03/24).

Now, it's purely speculative since I do not have all the evidence to back it, but with this much market manipulation (20k available on both sides to play at subsat) you can see how it's more than likely the pump between the 19th and 21st, prior to the dump on the 24th, was orchestrated by Breck.

During this time, PCN was being heavily shilled with the website release that was coming up. So this is the shill and market manipulation working together to get that huge pump around the 20th.

When you pull out your orders causing the project to drop back down to the prices pre-pump, that tells you all you need to know on how likely the theory is correct.

During the time after all this, I focused my attention on my project. I tried to follow natural chart movements as an investor of PCN/DAPS, but I could see that the project was just continuing to be manipulated.

I lost a lot of money on Breck's continued pump/dump actions. The charts were too unpredictable, and never made sense. I even bought in at 7, 8 and 13 sats prior to the huge PCN dump that happened. I had a hope that the project would still continue to grow so I bought at a loss.

>I continued to still check in to see how Breck was doing, and I would continue to visit and review things with the DAPS community. Eventually the interactions turned more into an Adel and Breck thing. Which was fine by me, as long as the project continued to head in the right direction.

From time to time Breck and I would talk and bullshit, but I never was able to get too comfortable with him. I'd still play naive a lot and allow him to feel like the Breck Almighty he thought he was. Many in project will know me much differently because there is no act to play.

Fast forwarding to June, I was informed by a friend that PCN was crashing, and as it was happening, I came to try and help Breck and the project.

While Breck and Adel hid from the public, me and a few team members that did stay around to still be support tried to help calm down the mobs while putting our reputations on the line for them. It was never our place to be out there, but we tried our best to calm down the community the best we could. I still had hope in a DAPS future, and regardless of doing my own project, I was there to help DAPS.

Others agreed it was not my job to be out there, but instead Breck and Adel should have been the ones.

I talked with Breck during all this behind the scenes, and I asked if he had lost money like the rest of us. I got no answer from him about it. My question was passed over in the conversation (as you can see below).

With his none response and with what I was being told by the others at the same time, plus the history I had already seen from him, I already knew my answer. This was the exact same thing I witnessed him do in March, but on a much larger scale.

Some on the team were able to get out while they could because Breck posted to the team that the decision was coming and had given them about a 30 minute head start to get their coins sold. Below is the actual team announcement right before the public one.

I never got to see this warning. Like many others on the team, I ended up getting screwed. When I talk about being scammed after having been scammed by other projects and the original Dix team, I'm talking about this. Even as someone on the team, I wasn't safe from this scam.

I had continued to invest into DAPS up to this point because of the market movement at the time, news being shared, and a lot of the same propaganda others fell into. My investment at one point hit 20 sats. The sky was the limit right? It made me feel ok that I had bought in much higher.

Yet, when you crash a market based off your own agenda and everyone know that you profited off the loss of others, well, you are nothing more than a scammer. I'm sorry, don't sugar coat it and try to cover it by deflecting it to old devs or moving wallets. We all know they had enough time to take care of themselves first because the proof is in history and the charts.

At the end of the day, I didn't lose subsat profits with PCN like many had, I lost actual hard earned cash that I invested into PCN/DAPS from buying in at 7, 8 and 13 sats. I wasn't going to cry about it though. I knew there was risk and I took it investing into something that was complete horse shit, so that was my bad. Shame on me. I should have known better when I stepped away and it became the Breck and Adel show.

Sorry to side track, but getting back to it, below is the team warning (second screenshot team post) for those that were able to catch it in time. They were given a 30 minute head start prior to the public announcement and it explains the small dumping prior to the big public dump.

During the time leading up to the team and public announcement, you can see (below) that there was about 156 BTC in volume during the 22nd and 24th that was all dumping. If you look back on what I have provided for you, think about that.

This was all prior to the announcement of Breck's plan to not to swap to PCN. He knew what he was going to do. At roughly ~$6k per BTC (at the time), that was almost $1,000,000 in volume during that period. Volume that was in the RED. This was selling, not buying volume everyone. Somebody, or a group of them, had a very big payday after selling off so much of their PCN before the team announcement and the public announcement.

When you put it all together, you can try and deny it as much as you want to, but you can see that it all makes sense and fits. There is history of similar activity by Breck before and maybe the reasoning to act so irrationally this time was because of the anger he had with the previous devs holdings, I don't know. Regardless of what his reasons were, the only person that he would have cared about was himself and the few he was talking with. He didn't care who he was going to hurt with this action, but it's a guarantee that he took care of himself and those close around him by being the first to cash in and pocket what he, or they, could.

After the big dump happened, and PCN was on fire, I explained to Breck that the best course of action going forward would be an immediate announcement of an air drop. It was my first thought and the same consensus from many others.

After he came back with what was to be announced, I was taken back by the demeanor he carried and his reasoning for the airdrop.

You can read below in the second screenshot that he states that his only reasoning for doing the airdrop was because he got enough death threats that forced him to do it. It wasn't because he made a mistake and wanted to correct what he had done, there was no remorse or sorrow.

It is just another example of how he felt he was not wrong, and it was evidence enough for me that he did not have the ability to exit, but was being forced to go forward instead.

Adel's demeanor was no better. Her eagerness to run her mouth made it much harder for us to calm the community down and showed no remorse as well. All I heard about was how bad it was for both her and Breck. Just like Breck, she does not seem to have any understanding for others.

How can you be this way, and not have any empathy for all the people that just lost fortunes? Many people were even threatening to take their lives because they invested so much into PCN and lost, having been sold on the fairy tales that they had been told.

Both these "founders" are just ugly people who only care about themselves. They've proved this enough time and time again. Both are classic narcissists.

Based on this screenshot below provided by somebody talking to Adel at the time, she had to talk Breck out of exiting and disappearing in an attempt to salvage her own safety and her career.

Adel was paid 50 million in PCN, and it's plausible that she could have cashed out thinking that the announcement coming was going to be received differently. However, unlike her, I don't want to accuse her because I don't know. I can only go off the ugly personality she has given me, and it's not enough for me to say she did or didn't dump on the community.

Obviously it's fair to assume that she did have a heads up that the PCN split was coming. She was Breck's right hand. She was the only one Breck was really working with, but again, it would just be me making an assumption without enough circumstantial evidence to prove she dumped.

Regardless of the evidence though, she's kind of guilty by association. Her and Breck really are the same, it's why they work so well together. I guess that makes them the perfect team.

With Breck, I have a personal history with him and there's enough for me to show you what kind of person he is, with evidence of the same prior behavior, his own admittance of doing this before, his willingness to kill off projects and hurt those who may not agree with his ideals.

It doesn't matter if people get hurt with Breck, it just matters that things are his way and the way he sees it in the end.

Anyways, with the fast action, help and support from the few team members like myself we turned what could have been the end of DAPS into what you now have.

This is why the DAPS token exists. It's because of the people like myself on that team that wanted to see DAPS live, and well, not a laughing matter, but the death threats helped too.

This is not because of those two boneheads who were ready to throw DAPS away.

Time went on and I just tried to move passed all that happened. My communication with Breck was much less. I was extremely busy with Ondori by this point. As always, even though I ran Ondori, I did still check in periodically and would said hi to the community, help answer questions when I could, and just make sure I gave support.

When it was time for the token airdrop, I received the wrong amount and was shorted. I followed the appropriate paths to correct it. I emailed a couple of times, never to get a response. So eventually I dropped a DM some time later to Breck when emailing didn't work.

When the issue still wasn't resolved after some time, I decided that I'd inquire with Breck about the incorrect amount one last time. Since my situation was ignored, I asked how to correct an incorrect airdrop publicly. That caught his attention and we immediately talked. I was told I didn't have to cause a scene. It wasn't a scene though, but a simple, "How do I correct an incorrect airdrop?"

As usual with Breck, everyone else is wrong. I was wrong because I didn't inquire about my situation the way he felt I should have. I was the shit bag for even asking about my tokens I guess. From what I picked up from him, I bothered him during a busy time and had to make him "read" more than what he felt he should have had to, lol.

My situation was resolved though, and it was the last time we spoke.

Our relationship fully dissolved when I woke up one day and saw that I was completely blocked from anything DAPS related. There was no attempt to be an adult and explain why after all my support given to the project. In addition, I was supposed to have received a team bonus, which we all know will never come. At the end of the day, I was treated like anyone else that was an enemy to DAPS regardless of having been there to help and support for as long as I did.

They then went further and resorted to the accusations and slandering of Ondori, which brought me here to you today. Watching someone I personally helped, lie to his community and act as though he knew nothing of my project and then go further to dismiss the credibility I built with him personally and instead imply that I am a scammer is saddening. What kind of person does that?

If the my whole purpose for Ondori was to take the place of DAPS, or be a carbon copy of them, I could have just wrecked the entire project when Breck dumped it in June. It would have been easy enough just to help the project die by being one of those that were trying to tear it down, rather than being one of the few to help build it back up. I guess all these tactics by DAPS is just someone doing whatever it takes to tear down something that they may believe to be a threat, or maybe all this is just because they're now struggling.

Recently DAPS value has been declining and it's not just because of the market we are in either. In my opinion, it's the combination of those that have held out in hopes of seeing the returns they lost in June being tired and selling, and also the ugly attitude of the leadership and the decisions they've made within their community. It's not the projects around them that are the issue, it's the DAPS project itself.

Now they seem to be doing whatever they can to stay relevant. Posting photoshopped teaser images, slamming other projects, and most recently bringing in the big news that DAPS has even applied to Binance.

Well, if Binance elects to list a project that has such a shady past, that is also lead by a liar, market manipulator, shill artist and racist, then that tells you everything that you need to know about the direction of crypto. No exchange can be taken seriously.

My Middle Finger Salute

If you think that it's been easy to sit here before you and bring all this out, you're very wrong. This is not a game. This is people's investments of their money with projects that they are trying to believe in. So the last thing I want to do is bring any negativity to my project and the investors within it, or hurt the investments of others.

I've gone back and forth for days on if this should be something I do, but the support I get behind it is that I should. Like Adel said herself, the crypto world should speak up, even if it's for the sake of clearing up the rumors about yourself. I fully understand that this situation may just bring more hate by those that don't want to hear the truth.

With what I have presented before you, people will scream FAKE NEWS or PHOTOSHOP. It's already expected because anyone that says anything, regardless of the evidence, is a liar.

What's been provided for you has all been straight facts. There's no reason to spend all this time writing a damn book only for me to sit here and lie to you. There's no reason for me to risk the possibilities of further attacks on my community without just cause. It's just my hope that by being able to give the truth, it allows these other projects to quit attacking us and allow us to work in peace. I also hope that this pop in the nose also helps to clear up the misconceptions about Ondori.

It's very sad to see how crypto is turning out. I truly liked it for the possibilities that it presented for the future with the technology, and the possibilities for projects to maybe come together to help one another out. Instead, it seems to be full of people looking to make quick money and one project just trying to tear down another.

I guess the idea that our project could work along side other projects for the greater good of cryptocurrency was just some hope set too high because it's obvious that not all people share that same vision. It's pretty unfortunate that the projects that actually have done more harm than good, are the one's that have seemed to carry more momentum then the ones just busy minding their business and just trying to put in the work.

If investors want to continue supporting projects that have steam rolled over anybody, have taken investor money, are centralizing cryptocurrency, have bullied others, and ultimately act as though their shit don't stink, then the future for crypto is in trouble. I would hope that investors would also look into a project to see what their principals and core values are.

When a project that is just putting in work and not running its mouth has to defend itself from the projects that have the skeletons in the closet, that's pretty stupid. Going forward, we just ask that all these projects just leave us be and allow us to run our project in peace. We have nothing to do with you and we sure as hell don't care what you're doing or the direction you are choosing to go. There are hundreds of other projects out there, are you going to worry about all them too? Be real guys.

So to the projects minding their business and just doing their thing the right way - keep it up! And to the projects just tearing the other ones down and putting the dollar first, here's a middle finger salute for you.

My rant is done.