Ondori New Supply 43,571,568,798 ...

The Ondori unused swap supply has been burned. Over October 2nd and 3rd, the RSTR supply went under a major overhaul of it's 70 billion plus supply, where the swap supply wallet was burned of it's unused swap supply. In addition, the allocated 7 billion premine for budget was also modified in order to balance with the new supply. An additional 3 billion coins were sent the supply wallet and burned from the budget wallet.

The remaining balance in the swap supply wallet (dMfFo8wHZ8xNmHwpcEAAR94gaxGcRQ4d3r) was 1,594,795.69 and will be sent back to the Ondori budget wallet (dTreDdpzNZ37m6UC6JN1Qv1PRf8h5L8Jkr).

The new RSTR supply as of Thu, 04 Oct 2018 06:36:18 GMT is now 43,571,568,798.29325.