Why the Move from zPOS

In our last update, we had mentioned that we have decided to move away from implementing zPOS - please note that this is not to be confused with zRST as we still plan to have this feature activated. We thought that the explanation, while short, was pretty straight forward. There have been a couple of questions regarding the decision, so we will take a moment to briefly cover it once more for those that did not quite understand why or would like to have a little more context. 

Can you be more transparent about zPoS canceling? (I) didnt really understand why? 

When we developed Ondori it was our goal to build a solid foundation for our community by utilizing the PIVX code as the base for Ondori. Our first goal was to offer the community, that had been abandoned and scammed, a new coin that could be swapped to something that could have actual value and purpose. This would allow the community and future investors a coin that could earn rewards and be traded while we continued to work towards building a viable product for the future. 

Like much of the mentality of the crypto space, many haven’t seemed to understand that progress takes time. Many can’t seem to take into considerations other factors on why progress realistically isn’t going to be always constant in news or hype. We had just spent a lot of personal and funding resources to deliver Ondori, the swap, a listing on MNO and 3 exchanges (within the span of about 6 weeks). 

There are many things as a project you deal with where you need to make decisions on the best ideas going forward. The last couple of months we dealt behind the scenes with DragonEx, investors becoming impatient, and the market falling, so we felt it best to pull back on how much we were giving.  

As we explained in our last post, we evaluated the situation and felt that it would be better to adjust our plans accordingly and start 2019 off fresh. It’s just not smart business to continue to exhaust resources both personally and financially when all you are doing is fighting a bearish market and impatient people. 

During this time we continued to work on updating the RSTR source code to implement zPOS, but as we went further into updating the code, we realized the direction the code was going. At the end of the day, we are not here to give you PIVX, there is already one. 

It was decided that rather than continue to move thru the entangled code and continue the work on integrating the PIVX feature, that instead we should focus on our own feature which is Proof of Transaction. Eliminating zPOS would also simplify our rewards structure just to PoS and MN, and with the addition of PoT it allows us a better flow into our possible use case as we move into the future. 

Our current focus going into 2019 is evaluating and developing our MVP. Going forward, we need to determine the market need, and the only way to really build a product is by testing the market and finding out at the basic levels what will work and lead to the directions of future development. Many times a project will make a claim on what they plan to do, but you really have to find the market and adapt to the need that your project can fill. 

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.

We have an idea of where we’d like to go, with our focus on peer-to-peer payments for the costs of goods and services, via contactless payment systems, but we have to start somewhere to get there. The implementation of Proof of Transaction (PoT) or “cash back rewards” is our first step. As we start to regain momentum in January and begin team expansion, we will also work to delve deeper into further details on the next best steps to take to ensure Ondori is successful and growing in value. 

Going forward into 2019 our focus is on how we grow Ondori into it’s own, and the less we have to work thru to get there, the better. 🐓