Q2 2019 - April Complete

April was a much quieter month for the RSTR project. While our continued focus has been on iOS and marketplace development, it has had to be at a much slower pace because of consideration having to be given to the out of pocket development costs for those to be added to our core development team to assist with these processes. In addition, as it was mentioned in our last update, many team members are also busy attending to personal obligations and real life responsibilities at this time.

CoinExchange Delisting

RSTR will be delisted from CoinExchange on 06/17/2019 at our request.

Our reason for delisting from CE was because we did not appreciate their abrupt decisions to satisfy their own self interest without any discussion or consideration for the impact their decision would have on our community and project.

Had we continued to stay listed with CE, it could have very well been a possibility that one day we’d be notified by the community that there was a RSTR/DOGE pairing without consent should volume or value fall below some parameter set by CE.

Prior to the decision by CE to open ETH market, our intent was to stay paired with only BTC until we felt it was the right time for us to be listed with other trading pairs.

All users are asked to withdraw their coins from CE as soon as possible. Users are advised to transfer their coins to their RSTR wallet, but if there are those that still wish to take risk you can transfer your coins to BleuTrade.

CoinExchange will disable RSTR activity on 05/15/2019, so please act accordingly.

Zerocoin Exploit

We have been aware of the Zerocoin vulnerability and have not went further into Zerocoin protocol (zRST) activation as we had planned to due to the issues surrounding this flaw. Unfortunately, the issue has also caused us to re-evaluate our privacy position and force us to explore our options going forward with the focus on marketplace implementation. This was obviously not something we had planned on dealing with, but we must adapt to the situation and continue moving forward.

Website Update v2.0

We are currently underway on our website revision to v2.0. We are slowly piecing together the update as we work with Core developer availability.

RSTR Market

We are currently in the pre-development of our RSTR market with work being done on early conceptuals and wireframing with focus on an end product that will allow users to actively buy and sell their goods and services. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will our market. We are taking the necessary steps while continuing to keep sight of our goal of having a interactive form of our RSTR market by the end of the year.

IG WPE Ambassador Program and Sponsorships

Given that we are trying to overcome some downtrend in our market position and wanting to focus on regaining our exchange positions first, we will be pushing back our ambassador and sponsorship programs. We will focus more on these programs, as well as marketing, when the RSTR project has been able to stabilize market position and the vision of RSTR market is closer to being shared.

Team Expansion

We are still looking to add volunteer contributors from the community who wish to lend a hand. If you are interested in helping, we are currently open to those who have been in our community for some time for admin/mod roles, and possibly others.

If you think you have a skill that can contribute to the project, please contact Kratos. We would love to see if you can contribute to the growth of Ondori RSTR!