Q1 January 2019 - Completed

We headed into 2019 still fighting a tough crypto market. Regardless of how tough it's been, Ondori still moves forward to bring you progress while taking the necessary steps to build the foundation needed for a successful future.

Let's take a moment to reflect on January and review some of the things that we've been able to accomplish as we move forward into another month of opportunities.

RSTR Multi-node Guide

Last month we delivered to you our RSTR Multi-node Guide which allows you to set up multiple nodes on a single VPS in order to participate in the RSTR masternode network for a chance to earn free RST. Many have followed the steps in the guide and successfully set up multiple masternodes. We recommend that you visit the guide now and start earning your free coins today.


Shared Masternode Hosting Services

We had the chance to partner with ihostmn and Pecunia Platform to offer you the ability to host masternodes via third party hosting services. If you found that the MN setup guide was just not for you then here are a couple of options for you. With low monthly fees and easy set up, you have no reason not to have a few masternodes up and running. Masternode collateral is 3m RST and can be purchased on our partner exchanges.

For more information be sure to visit:



RSTR/ETH Listing on CoinExchange

We now have RSTR/ETH pairing on CE. While this abrupt action was not at the direct request of our project, we did have plans to open the ETH pairing soon because we are fully confident in our future. We have always been ready to open other pairings in order to allow for more market opportunity. You do not need to feel discouraged by this because true community dictates our value and the majority place that value high.

While there may be some that might find the need to sell for less than we all feel our coin is worth, this is fine, let them. Their coins will be redistributed into the hands of others that will hold the value much higher than they did, thus slowly growing our market value naturally from those who were holding us back.

We have also reached out to BleuTrade to request that the RSTR/ETH pair be opened and will be discussing options with DragonEx after the Chinese New Year.

Q1 - Ondori Development Progress

As we move forward into February and the rest of Q1, we have many goals that we are trying to accomplish off our current Road Map. We've taken the time to evaluate RSTR Core and the vision we have. As we had mentioned in the past, we have to evaluate the market and the market need in order to establish an understanding of what we can do going forward to build a usable and sustainable product that people can use and be excited about being a part of.

Please take a moment to review the key components that we've currently been working on.

RSTR Core Evaluation and Outlook

We took the time to evaluate RSTR Core and the outlook going forward. Previously, we made adjustments by moving away from the PIVX zPOS system and moved the focus at looking further into our vision of Proof of Transaction, which is a feature that adds additional security to the network while allowing you to be eligible to receive RST incentives for your use and activity.

After carefully considering many options, we felt that spending time on the PoT feature first would cause us to focus on an aspect of RSTR Core that wouldn't allow us the opportunity to give you something more concrete and useable.

We felt that it would be best if we focused on one of our other goals that would allow PoT to have the ability to be used. So it was decided that going forward, we will be focusing on our RSTR marketplace instead.

The RSTR marketplace will be a peer-to-peer network backed by RSTR blockchain and powered by Proof of Transaction. You will be able to network socially with the ability to buy and sell goods or services to one another.

In addition to buying and selling, the marketplace will be developed to allow you to buy RSTR direct, set up e-commerce, merchant accounts, debit cards, chat with other users thru our social platform, and much more.

While you utilize the RSTR payment system for the intended purposes, you will be eligible to be rewarded with free coins as an incentive for your contribution to the network. You can consider PoT like "free cash back" just for your active use and helping to add an additional layer of security.

It's important to point out that those that have been loyal Ondori community members will be eligible to apply to participate in our beta testing of the RSTR marketplace when the time comes.

We suggest that you take the time to remain active loyal participates within our community and do your part to help the Ondori movement if you'd like to be eligible to participate at that time.

White Paper and Website - v2.0

Having evaluated RSTR Core further and understanding the direction moving forward, we are currently in the process of updating our white paper to reflect the current times for you with v2.0.

In addition, we are in the process of situating things with our new web developer. We will be stream lining the current website and updating it to offer a much better flow and visual feel.

In addition, we will be able to create around our RSTR marketplace portal and begin the steps necessary to offer the beta version of the RSTR marketplace at a date to be determined.

Android Mobile Wallet

The Android mobile wallet is in process. The RSTR mobile wallet will give you the opportunity to secure your RST on the go. Unfortunately staking will not be an option at this time.

Our vision is to see the mobile wallet work as a point of sale tool for you within the the RSTR payment network. During more time in development, mobile staking will be something that we will try to incorporate for you as well.

We are motivated to get the Android mobile wallet out Q1 and we will keep you updated on the progress of the wallet as we get closer to its release.


Marketing will begin to move forward this month. We will begin promoting more of our upcoming plans after completion of the WP revisions. In the mean time you and the community can do your part by discussing, sharing and retweeting updates and news that comes out.

Shortly, we will begin our first community social-media promo with #rstrmarketmonday. This is where we ask the community to share, be creative, and post or tweet about Ondori to start the week off right with an effort to reach out to as many people as you can.

We will discuss this and other future content in further detail when the time comes.

Partnerships - Continued

We will continue to move forward from where we left off last month by continuing to seek partnerships as they come. Our plan is to add more hosting platforms and possibly partner with other projects to help each other find success in helping everyday users want to be a part of crypto.

Last month, we did have a chance to talk to LindaCoin about adding Ondori to mynodepool as a staking pool option, as well as discussing Ondori as a possible addition to their mobile wallet. We are still in the process of discussions and we will keep you updated.

Team Expansion

We are currently in the process of adding additional core members to our team to help with the development path that lies ahead and to help us reach our goal of being a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payment network used by everyone.

We are also open to volunteers and contributors from the community who would like to lend a hand. Recently we added a new member to our Telegram team, Cryptalyse, who will be assisting in the Main and Dutch channels.

If you are interested in helping, we are currently open to long term members for admin/mod roles and any members with graphic skill that would like to contribute as well.