Q1 February 2019 - Completed

We headed into month two of 2019 with a market that was still pretty neutral. BTC had a momentary surge only to quickly fall, beginning a period of sideways action which continues. As a project, our continued efforts were to stay focused on moving forward and achieving goals that have been set along the way while staying patient and allowing the market to dictate itself.

Let's take a moment to recap some things that happened in February.

Raspberry Pi Guide

We released our Raspberry Pi Guide for those of you interested in staking on a Raspberry Pi to earn free RST. While it may not be something we expect to see many take advantage of, staking on a Raspberry Pi can give you additional benefits of better stability and slightly lower power consumption while you keep your RSTR wallet staking. Our setup guide also helps you to stake on your own server or local computer utilizing the command line wallet rstrd and rstr-cli should your system not have a graphical interface.

Be sure to check out the RSTR Raspberry Pi Guide: https://www.rstr.io/raspberrypi

Ondori RSTR Whitepaper v2.0

The Ondori RSTR Whitepaper has been revised and updated with v2.0. We made sure to catch things up to speed and shortened the overall read just a little bit for you. Included is a little more insight into our vision of the RSTR Market and of our upcoming feature called Proof of Transaction.

Please be sure to take a moment and read: https://www.rstr.io/files/rstr-wp-v2.0.0.pdf


This last month, we started our Twitter marketing initiative with giveaways for the Android pre-release, the President's Day holiday, and started our #FreebieFriday campaign. We gave out 1,025,000 RST in prizes in the month of February and made many people happy to have had a chance to win free RST while receiving a lot of support from our community.

Pecunia Platform

While we didn't add another partner in February, we were able to have Pecunia Platform (recently partnered with for their masternode hosting services) update their pricing for us. You can now purchase their monthly plan for $0.99/mo or opt for their 6-month plan for $0.91/mo. 

As always, please do your own research and establish if this provider is right for you. Investing is always at your own risk and it's recommended that you only invest what you can afford to lose.

If you are interested in learning more about Pecunia Platform and their masternode hosting service, please visit the following links:

Website: https://pecuniaplatform.io

Discord:  https://discord.gg/YAabbt5


Many have been waiting to hear if we would be pairing with RSTR/ETH on DragonEx, and after much discussion with their exchange, DragonEx has chosen not to list RSTR/ETH pair. It is their decision to only keep our RSTR/BTC pair open at this time. Our initial request to list RSTR/USDT at 4 decimals, only to move from USDT to BTC, did cause some user concerns at the exchange. Now our request to open RSTR/ETH pair is something that they feel is not in the best interest for our project within their exchange or for their DragonEx users that bought in at USDT and BTC initially.

In addition, DragonEx has also decided that for now, RSTR deposits will be unavailable until we are better situated with our recent move to RSTR/ETH pair on CoinExchange and can have a more stable market value, preferably back at above 1 satoshi.


While we have been in discussion with DragonEx, we have also been working with BleuTrade to resolve the wallet maintenance issue on their old site and discuss the possibility of RSTR/ETH pairing to be opened. We have been working with the BleuTrade devs and have resolved the wallet maintenance situation successfully on the old BleuTrade platform. We are currently still in talks and we are waiting to hear back about when the RSTR/ETH pairing can go live. The ETH pair was already paid for and taken care of when we partnered with BleuTrade in the beginning, so we are just awaiting the approval of RSTR/ETH pairing on their part.

Because we are still working to resolve issues with our exchanges and Ondori RSTR is still working to find stability in market value, our need to add another exchange is not a priority at this time and we will move the possibility of entertaining the 4th exchange into Q2 of our Roadmap.

Q1 Development Progress

We are now into the final part of Q1 and trying our best to accomplish the goals we've set within our Roadmap before the quarter ends. We've made some necessary adjustments, but we are still ensuring that we are doing what we can to continue building towards a usable and sustainable product that people can use and be excited about. 

Android RSTR Mobile Wallet

There has been a lot of anticipation and excitement for our Android RSTR Mobile wallet release. We'd like to tell you that it is our hope that we will be able to release the RSTR mobile wallet this Friday on the Google Play Store. We are just working out a few matters, but the wallet has already been thru testing and passed. As we mentioned in previous updates, the mobile wallet will not have the ability to stake at this time, but you will now be able to easily send and receive RST on the go and have a much easier time sharing with friends and family introducing them to cryptocurrency and the Ondori RSTR project.

Lite Paper

With the release of the Ondori RSTR Whitepaper v2.0 done, our focus is now on putting together our Lite Paper so that the important points of our project can be shared quickly and easily with anyone. We should have the RSTR Lite Paper available soon.

Website v2.0

It's been our goal to try and have the Ondori RSTR website revised by the end of Q1. We had a plan to move forward with a new web developer, but due to some personal issues they've been having, we’ve had to move on from our selection and again look to discuss with a couple of others that we had initially spoken with to discuss our plans and reach an agreement to add them to our Core team. While a website update is not a priority, it's something that we want to begin in order to start the initial set up for our RSTR market integration. We will continue to try and get the website update done before the end of the quarter, but the task will be moved at this time to Q2 of our Roadmap.

Marketing - Continued

We will continue with our marketing efforts this month with some more giveaways and other promo ideas we've had. We have moved forward with our Twitter #FreebieFriday promotion which has been doing great and plan to also implement our #MarketMonday promo soon. #MarketMonday will be where we ask the community to share, be creative and post/tweet about Ondori RSTR to start the week off right, all in an effort to reach out to as many people as we can at the start of the week. 

In addition, this month, we will begin to keep an eye out for those that may be able to help with some more social media influence as well. While we do so, it's important that those of you in our community still do your part by discussing, sharing and retweeting updates and news that comes out.

Partnerships - Continued

We will continue our partnership efforts this month by continuing to do our best to give our community some great new options, while also allowing our project to have an opportunity for more exposure to others that may not have been knowledgable about our project before. We do have new partnerships in the works and look forward to being able to announce them as soon as we can.

Team Expansion 

This month we added an additional RSTR Core member to our team to help with further development. Our newest addition has helped to address a few issues that we did have with our Android mobile wallet and have been a smooth addition to our RSTR Core team. We are still in the process of adding more as we move forward to help us with on the path that lies ahead and helping us to do our best to reach our goals. We will continue to build on our team as we get ready to begin the iOS mobile development and putting together a strategic plan to build our RSTR Market.

With our community, we will continue to add volunteers and contributors from the community who wish to lend a hand. Last month we added two new members to our International, Discord, and Telegram teams.

We have added Ashish, who will be helping to aid in our regional efforts by being our Ondori Global Rep for India, and have added Shuixpera, who with Ashish, will be helping to offer assistance and monitor our Discord and Telegram.

If you are interested in helping, we are currently open to long term members for admin/mod roles and any members with graphic design experience that would like to contribute as well.