The Path of Ondori

If you read our the Ondori ( white paper, then you know that we do not believe in a Road Map. It's felt that rather than make deadlines that may force rushing, or cause disappointment with delays or changes, we felt it best to follow the same path as some other great projects have that don't offer a road map either, or run their projects on hype. Our preference has always been to under promise and over deliver, and at the end of the day allow our work to speak for itself.

Ondori is a very young project, but it has done a lot of growing over the last month. We understand that there are many new investors that have an interest in the future that we envision for this project in the crypto space. While we have a white paper with plenty of rich information, sometimes it's easier when it's provided a little more concentrated. While we still do not believe in a Road Map, we have decided to share the Path of Ondori. This is the measures set in place for the project team to aspire as targeted milestones that we would like to reach. These are our own goals as a project, and a guide for us as a team.

So feel free to look at our Path to get an idea of the Ondori Project's agenda as we go forward.


Path of Ondori (English)

Path of Ondori (Chinese)


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