25,000,000 RSTR Giveaway!!!

You heard it right! The month of treats continue because we are giving you more.

We will be giving away 25 million RSTR in total to the first 500 registered DragonEx users that deposit RSTR to their exchange wallets when deposits open. Be sure and follow the Ondori and DragonEx Twitter pages for up to date information. (https://twitter.com/OndoriCoin)

The way this will work is that DragonEx will verify and record all the user deposits, and at the end of the campaign, they will payout the 50,000 RSTR to each registered user with RSTR deposit. Talk about a great treat, this is almost 145 staking rewards to each person!

This is on a "first come - first serve" basis, so be ready. We are currently working with DragonEx to get Ondori on the exchange as soon as possible in order to be able to open deposits. Once we have secured our 500 users, we will then go live. We will announce further details as they come, so again, be sure and follow our social media channels for more information.


Thank you,