Help us with a Month of Treats! ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ’€

The fall is an exciting time. It usually starts the season of giving off with Octoberโ€™s Halloween and the giving of treats. November is then a month where we all are giving thanks for all that we are lucky to have. Then we wrap it all up in December by giving to all those around us, and maybe if we're lucky this year, the "bulls" will give us something to warm our hearts as well.

Ondori started the season of giving early by giving the community a live launch in mid-September. Since then, Ondori has only tried to give hard work and deliver on results. October has been a really nice month of treats from us to you, and weโ€™d love to continue it!ย 

Budget Increase

Speaking of giving, if you look at our budget, you will see that our budget has increased by 1.7 billion RSTR. This is all in thanks to our 3 biggest holders. Each of them have given a portion of their RSTR holdings in an effort to shrink their holding percentage and give back to the budget that had some of the balance burned from it earlier in the month.ย 

The community needs to know that our โ€œwhalesโ€ are nothing but committed to this project and each of them have an understanding that Ondori is special and full of potential. I want to thank each one of them for their commitment to the community and this project. I hope it serves as an example for the rest of you that carried over a decent holding from the old coin. More does always mean it's worth more than a smaller amount. If we take examples of the past, we can see that the largest bags can offer little to no value. The value is in the project and its community, so don't be afraid to give back.


Recently many have seen that we have been talking with DragonEx. As we have gotten further along in our discussions, itโ€™s been more and more apparent that we are similar and both like what the other is built upon. DragonEx is a top 20 exchange that shares the same vision of putting itโ€™s users first thru a community driven approach, just like we do. They offer reward sharing and look at ways of responding to their communities needs. I believe their biggest attribute is the same as ours, which is that the team works hard for their community and delivers on community service. Itโ€™s a big reason why many other projects fail.

I would like to officially announce that DragonEx would like to list Ondori on their Top 20 exchange. ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿค๐Ÿ‰

We are currently finalizing the listing cost, and as some have guessed, a big part of what will determine that will be our ability to deliver 500 registered users that deposit RSTR when we have been listed and have depositing made available. We will fill those spots prior to going live. So please, go over and register at and be ready to deposit some RSTR.ย 

Fundraising (GIFT)

Now, many of you have requested that we open an option that would allow the community to offer assistance with funding, so we would like to ask you to โ€œHelp us with a Month of Treats!โ€ย 

Our goal is to raise 3-4 BTC from community with the remaining amount coming from Budget. We would like to keep our momentum going in our current exchanges, so the less we have to take from budget, the better.ย 

So letโ€™s do this! We have dontation addresses set up in BTC, ETH and USDT, and of course if you would like to send RSTR as well, you can.

BTC: 3JtioTy2xqv27WPVQ5VTNFzNmZDCtksWw5

ETH:ย 0xa67b366784406c54aa6f03f49f5c56183a888e5b

USDT:ย 18Cpzdug8uT2ipSxepwDRD7Crua9Bx4td3

RSTR: dJunTMiRY9eX7gvLiwPf694xFAYGSs3xgc


Thank you,ย